Small-Group – January 12, 2019

Small-Group – January 12, 2019

This Weeks small group questions

  1. Currently, what is your practice of reading the scripture?
  2. What resources do you currently use or have used the help in your understanding and reading of the Bible?
  3. Read James 1:19-25
    • What is the text calling the listener to?
    • How do we live out v. 22-24?
    • Summarize the passage in two sentences.
    • What questions are you left with? Discuss
  4. Pray

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Matthew Laker - January 12, 2020

Interpreting the Bible

Service was cancelled today, but Pastor shared, shares some principals of interpreting to help us read the bible.

From Series: "The Bible"

In this Series we will take a look at : 1. What is the Bible? 2. Interpreting the Bible and how to read it 3. The Bible and spiritual formation. 4. Leading a Bible study.

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