Sunday September 27 2020

Sunday September 27 2020

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Small-Group questions –

1. Have you faced racism or judgment because you are different?    Are you willing to share?  (Please let the group know.  This is a time to listen and not try to justify , listen to the story, understand it, ask questions of clarity but not judgment and not problem solve, just listen. )

2. What racism or injustice do we see in our township or in Ontario?

3. Read Ephesians 2:11-22

a)What is Paul's point in this passage?

b) How could this passage speak to the church about racism in our community?

c) How do we evaluate our own racism, when it may be hard to see?

d) How do we be a voice for the oppressed in our community?

4) Watch "HOW TO TALK ABOUT RACE & PRIVILEGE by JADA EDWARDS " in Rightnow media

  • Yes this is American, but what is relevant for us as Canadians?
  • What is something you personally can take from this talk for your life?
  • What does Sixth Line Church need to hear from this?

5) Prayer time


1)What are you celebrating this week?

2)Discuss what stands out for you in Ephesians 2:11-22

3)Pray for each other

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