Sunday January 17 2021

Down load Sermon notes Small Group Questions 1) What are 2-3 choices or events that have had the biggest effectson your life?2)Read Acts 7:17-37a)What stands out for you?b)What do we learn about following Jesus?3) Psalm 139:13-17 What does this tell us about God? How doesGod see us?4)Who this week can your small group bless and […]

January 10 2020

Download Sermon note here Small Group and Huddle Questions Check-in with each other. a)What are youcelebrating or thankful for this week?b)What have you read that stirred your heartthis week, got you thinking? Two options watch Bible Project “Numbersvideo” – What stands out for you? What questions do you have? What do we learn about […]

Sunday January 21 2020

You-version live event – Click here to Download Sermon notes Currently due to COVID government restrictions, we are only running online services. You can reach those from our Youtube channel. Daily prayer office 2021 (click here)- We can print these at the office if you like. Because of the reading plan it more paper. […]

Sunday November 29 2020

Download Sermon notes Check out the youversion live – (note this is only available the week of) Today starts our Advent Devotionals you can download them here We are encouraging people every Sunday to light a candle in their home as we celebrate the advent season together. Small Group Questions What is your […]

Sunday 22 2020

Download Sermon notes Small Group Where does evil hide in today‚Äôs society or culture inCanada? Are you facing any kind of spiritual dangers? If so, whatare they? What has Paul called us to and what is ourresponsibility? How is our Prayer life, is there anything we need tochange? Do you have any bad habits? What […]