Sunday April 18 2021

Download Sermon notes Small Group Questions Watch youtube vide by Jeff Vanderstelt teaching on Gospel Fluency separately or together. Summarize the teaching. What stands out for you? How does his teaching relate to moments of grumbling in our life? How does it help or not? Resources Gospel Fluency cheet sheet

April 11, 2021

Download Sermon notes. Small Group Small Group Questions1)Read Hebrews 10:32-11:16; 32-40What stands out about these people?What do we learn about faith?Do you think they struggle with faith?What questions do you have about the passage?2)Read Luke 13;18-19; 17:6How do these stories help us understand what it means to have faithin Jesus?3)How do we live in light […]

Sunday March 14 2021

Download Sermon Notes Small Group What rhythms do you have that keep you centered onJesus? Read through Matthew 26-28 in two different versions of thebible. a)Have each person answer and share what stands out tothem or made them pause and think? Resources Jews for Jesus – Passover meal – Jesus in the Passover – […]

Sunday March 7 2021

Download Sermon notes Small Group Resources Small Group1)Read Hebrews 9a)What hope does it give?b)How does that affect how we live? 2)Pick a family or individual that your smallgroup can bless with a meal, just because.Make a plan and how you are going tofollow through. 3)Pray for this individual or family

Sunday February 28 2021

Download Sermon notes Small Group Resources 1)Who is doing the Lent challenges? We would love for you toshare your experience ( 2)Read Numbers 7 : 1-11; 84-89; Luke 17:11-19; Mark 12:41-44;Psalm 88a)What is common among these verses?b)What do we learn about God?c)What do we learn about following Jesus?