COVID-19 Children resources for Sunday.

1) Choose a video for your kid(s) to watch based on their age. (elementary ages are k-3, preteen is ages 10-12 and there is a preschool one as well)

2)Download or print off a one page resource called the "parent cue". This is for you to use as a short yet fun follow up with your kid(s) after the video.

3)Download or print off the daily devotions for your kids to use that ties into the video and Biblical principle they learned. Please note that the first two steps can be used together with out this third step. We just wanted to include this option if you would find it beneficial to use in the week.

Easter weekend


Parent Cue


Nursery care is available during the Sunday morning service.

Sunday School

We offer Sunday School every Sunday for Jk-Grade 5. Our hope is that the children would come to know Jesus and understand how much he loves them and what he has done for them.
Through music, Bible lessons, games and crafts, each Sunday children learn about the good news of Jesus.