Small Group leaders guide

Here you will find questions for small groups or family gatherings.

This year for lent we will be using material from an organization called Compassion Canada.  Together we will join together Sunday morning, later in the divide up into small group and personally read devotional for the six weeks of lent.  Even our youth program will be following along with us.

Why are we doing this?

From time to time it is good to bring every one onto the same page and moving and thinking around similar topics.  This is also a time to introduce small groups to people.  The Lent season also provides a great opportunity for discipleship adn we want to take advantage of that to grow in Christ likness.


Join a small group?

We are encouraging everyone just for six weeks to join a small group.  Contact the office@sixthlinechurch through the contact form below about joinning one of our groups.


Small Group Leader information


Thank you for leading a small group for the lent season 

We encourage you to begin the week of Sunday, March 1, 2020.  The study is six weeks so this will take you to just before Holy Week. I will preach and then there will be a devotional reading and small group teaching connected to the theme.


Where do I find the Small Group Videos?

There are two ways to find them.  


1)log into your RightNow media account and find the Lent 2020 in the church library and you can stream them.

2)Speak with Pastor Matthew about DVD or mp4 options to watch.

Click here for the small group leaders guide or get a copy from Pastor Matthew

Further resources around the topic

We hope to add future resources.