We are looking for 50 people who will pray. We are seeking God for the next steps as a church, and spiritual breakthrough in our lives and community.

Dates: Sunday April 26, 2020 to

May 31, 2020


1)Let us know you are joining the prayer team by calling the office or filling out the form.  By clicking here

2)Each day set aside a time to pray through your list and our list.

3)Find 1-3 other people you can pray on a weekly time together.

4)Let us know how it is going.  Fill out the form. 


Prayer Post Card - 5 things we are praying for.

Suggestion for printing

1.Download the file

2.Open file with adobe acrobat DC


4. On the print window under page Sizing and handling select multiple. (this should print on a 1/4 of the page. )

5.Select landscape for orientation

6. Hit print and cut out


Church-Wide Prayer walk and or drive

When: Sunday, May 24, 2020

Time: 4pm 

Location: Where you live

How will this work?

  • Choose to walk or drive around an area.
  • As you walk or drive
    • Observe the places you walk. (what do you see?)
    • Pray for people represented by the buildings or places your pace; and our 5 things
    • Listen for God's voice as you walk
  • Extra helps
    • Consider listening to worship music or reading scripture
    • Here is a great resource - https://www.soulplay.ca/walkingchurch