The Practise of Silences and Solitude

The Practise of Silences and Solitude

Why do this

It is about recognizing the presence of God in our daily life and directing us to continue to align with Jesus. Like any tool, this can become a new legalism. It is about abiding in Christ; the key is not the length of time but remembering God. 


1. Take 2 minutes of Silence.

It is going to be hard, so give your self lots of grace here. 

2. Scripture and devotional reading

Less is more, do not try and read large chunks of scripture here. The purpose is to communion with God, not get hung up on having to get through all that is written. 


We recommend a combination of written prayers and supplication prayers.  

4. Option end with another 2 min of Silence. It is about listening to God’s voice.

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