Small Group Questions

  1. What was your experience of prayer growing up?
  2. If you could ask Jesus anything about prayer what would it
  3. Read Mark 9:14-29 and Nehemiah 1
    a. What does this passage say about people?
    b. What does it say about Jesus?
    c. What does the passage have to say about yourself?
    d. What does it have to say about prayer?
    e. Who do you know that needs to hear what is there?
  4. Take time to pray as a group.

Prayer exercise

  1. In your family what breakthroughs need to take place? 
  2. At sixth line church what breakthroughs need to take place?
  3. In our geographical community what breakthrough needs to 
  4. In your life what breakthrough needs to take place


Prayer book

Spring prayer campaign

Listen to sermon here

Sermon notes

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