Sunday October 4 2020

Sunday October 4 2020

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Small-Group questions

1)Share about a time you where able to get through the challenge and how Jesus helped you through?

2)Read Exodus 14:5-13

a)What do we learn about following God?

b)What do we learn about God?c)What do we learn about ourselves?

3) Read Ephesians 3:13 - Why Does Paul call them to not lose heart and how do we not lose heart?

4)Outreach time. 

a)Create or buy 4 cards

 b)As a group find a psalm of encouragement and write it on each card. 

c)Select 4 people that will each receive a card. 

d)Each person write a short message of encouragement on the card. e)Take a moment to pray for who is going to receive these cards.

 f)Select someone to mail these cards the next day.  

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