Weekly Newsletter – November 13 2020

Weekly Newsletter – November 13 2020

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  Pastor Matthew’s Weekly Newsletter
Friday, November 13, 2020 

We are just three Sundays away from the start of the Advent Season.  Advent is a season consisting of the four weeks leading up to Christmas.  We have a great opportunity to be intentional in our lives over this season.
This year we are going to join together with other Be in Christ Churches across Canada for the advent season. 
We now are making available advent devotionals.  We have a limited supply of books, but we can print more if need be.   You are also welcome to download a digital copy for print or to read on your phone, etc.  We will place the devotionals in a box just outside the front door of the church building.  I would encourage you to find 2-4 people to join with in a huddle for the four weeks, to discuss the material and pray together.  Perhaps you could even go to see the lights at Blue Mountain together.
There will be a number of family activities that we will be encouraging you to participate in over this time.  The first activity is to create an advent candle wreath to guide your family through the season.  Check out the video below as an example to follow.

 Christmas Dinner boxesOnce again we are providing Christmas Dinner boxes so please help us get the word out.
Nomination Time
It is once again time for the Nomination Team to begin the process of creating a report to be presented at the AGM.  If you would like to submit a potential name for the Church Board, you are welcome to email the name directly to me.  The Nomination Team will then follow up, and if the necessary criteria are met, that individual will be contacted directly regarding their desire to serve in this capacity.

This Coming Sunday
Once again, please note that we be having our service in two locations.  One location will be on our youtube channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRExIDt_zTSnrER5wb6kWVQ
The second is at the physical building.  If you are coming to the church building, we ask that you please sign up.  This can be done by going to http://sixthlinechurch.com/inperson/  or you can call the office at 705-428-6537.
Have a great weekend.
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