Sunday November 29 2020

Sunday November 29 2020

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Today starts our Advent Devotionals you can download them here

We are encouraging people every Sunday to light a candle in their home as we celebrate the advent season together.

Small Group Questions

  • What is your favourite Christmas memory? Why?
  • What is your favourite Christmas recipe or dish? Why?
  • Read the November 29th refection written by Christine Barber called Inclusive Hope.
  • Read Matthew 1:1-17, Romans 15:12. What stands out to
  • you? What is one key idea, question or thought?
  • How do you feel about Jesus’ family tree is made up of many people who would normally be considered “second-class”? Does this give you confidence and/or hope? Discuss.
  • Share how you experience hope as a member of Jesus’ extended family, and what you might be able to do this Christmas season to extend hope to someone else.
  • Spend some time praying together as a group.

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