Sunday May 16 2021

Download Sermon Notes Today is Compassion Sunday Want to learn more or sponsor a child learn here Small Groups Watch – Read James 1:19-27 What we learn about God? What do we learn about ourselves How are we to live? What is your hands to help (Exodus 4:2 ) Learn more about compassion […]

Sunday May 1 2021

Download Sermon notes Small Group Questions Watch the video at – In the film, Robin believed life was found in partying anddrugs. Where are you inclined to believe life can be found?(career, relationships, social status, etc.) Psalm 147 speaks of God’s stunning power, love, andauthority. Discuss how He compares to your response inQuestion 1. […]

Sunday April 25, 2021

Download Sermon notes Small Groups: 1)Read Numbers 11:21-35 – What is the difference betweenthe spies on what they are believing about God?2)Read James 3:3-12a)How do we guard our tongues?b)How do we speak criticism in a good way? (Think of thespies in Numbers and having to be honest about thatstrengthen of the enemy)c)When we find our […]

Sunday April 18 2021

Download Sermon notes Small Group Questions Watch youtube vide by Jeff Vanderstelt teaching on Gospel Fluency separately or together. Summarize the teaching. What stands out for you? How does his teaching relate to moments of grumbling in our life? How does it help or not? Resources Gospel Fluency cheet sheet

April 11, 2021

Download Sermon notes. Small Group Small Group Questions1)Read Hebrews 10:32-11:16; 32-40What stands out about these people?What do we learn about faith?Do you think they struggle with faith?What questions do you have about the passage?2)Read Luke 13;18-19; 17:6How do these stories help us understand what it means to have faithin Jesus?3)How do we live in light […]