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Sunday August 8 2021

Today’s text is from Romans 12. We will post the videos as soon as we can. Full Service Teaching Video Sermon notes and helps Upset

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Sunday July 4 2021

Our services are outside for the summer. We will record the service and hope to have it up by 4 pm. Sermon info Main passages:

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Sunday June 20 2021

Download Sermon notes Small Group 1)Take some time to drive or walk around a place and pray forthose in that area. If you need help,

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Sunday May 23 2021

Download Sermon notes Small Groups Small Group1)Agree or disagree – “Happiness is attached to externalsituations and events, and seems to ebb and flow as thosecircumstances

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Sunday May 16 2021

Download Sermon Notes Today is Compassion Sunday Want to learn more or sponsor a child learn here Small Groups Watch – Read James

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Sunday May 9 2021

Download Sermon Notes How to Show Mercy at Home Quiz HOW MERCIFUL AM I WITH MY FAMILY?When my spouse, sibling or another family member….1)Gets some

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Sunday April 25, 2021

Download Sermon notes Small Groups: 1)Read Numbers 11:21-35 – What is the difference betweenthe spies on what they are believing about God?2)Read James 3:3-12a)How do

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Sunday March 28 2021

This week we participated in communion together online. The two passages we read were John 6:26-40 and 1 Corinthians 11:23-26 Check out our lent page

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Sunday March 21 2021

Download Sermon notes Small Group Questions: Option oneDecide to go through RightNow Media study by Dallas Willard. Option twoRead Numbers 9:15-231. What would be challenging

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Sunday March 14 2021

Download Sermon Notes Small Group What rhythms do you have that keep you centered onJesus? Read through Matthew 26-28 in two different versions of thebible.

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