Automatic Withdrawal

To use Automatic Withdrawal, you can download here and send it to the office by email  or mail (1152 Conc. 6 North, Stayner, ON, L0M 1S0). Please include a void cheque. (The Automatic Withdrawals are made twice a month, on the 15th and 30th; and your donation can be withdrawn once or twice a month.)


Send E-Transfers online or via your bank’s mobile app to:

Please note no need for password.

Numbered envelopes  (Sunday Giving Option)

These are useful for regular giving of cash or cheques. Please fill out this form to ask for numbered offering envelopes. You can also use one in the pews each Sunday.

Contact us

a) How is the money used?

Donations are allocated based upon a budget that is put together by the church board and approved by the membership of the church.

The money is disbursed among a number of pathways to help us accomplish our mission and purpose.

It covers the cost of day to day operations of the Stayner BIC Church. This includes but is not limited to our children and youth ministry, Sunday morning gathering, local and international partnerships, and staff.


b) I have a problem with my automatic withdrawals.

Please give the office a call or send an email to the office and they will get you in contact with our financial team.

c) I need to change my address. How can I get my tax receipt?

Email us your new address and our financial team will update your contact information.