What is this :

We are excited that Sixth Line Church will start participating in a fundraising program by a company called FundScrip, in order to raise money for our benevolent fund.


FundScrip is an established, Canada-wide fundraising program in which supporters pay for their shopping (groceries, gas, home, entertainment, restaurants, and much more) with gift cards. Each purchase automatically includes a donation to our church.  To support this program, you’ll just need to change your method of payment for some of your everyday shopping.

There are 3 ways to purchase these gift cards:

1. Paper Based Ordering You can fill in an order form with cash or cheque payment and give it to a finance committee member?.  By ordering this way, the postage will be paid for out of the funds we raise.

Download paper ordering form right here


2. Purchase gift cards (cash or cheque)The finance committee has already bought and will have available to sell after the service on the 4th Sunday of the month. The postage will be paid for from the funds we raise. The higher the dollar amount we order, the more shipping discounts we get from Fundscrip.Make cheques out to Stayner BIC church until our name officially changes. (write in memo part gift cards)


3. Order online at  Use our invitation code BQUGEK to ensure you are under Sixth Line Church so receive the donated funds.  Ordering this way, you will need to cover the postage - one stamp price can mail a maximum 4 gift cards with a total of less than $500 value.  Also, if you order this way and pay by credit card you will need to pay 1.99% of the total transaction to pay for the credit card charge fees charged to FundScrip. Payment by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is free as well as bill payment from your bank account.  (see fee page under help menu)