Sunday May 9 2021

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How to Show Mercy at Home Quiz

When my spouse, sibling or another family member….
1)Gets some details wrong while telling a story, do I
_ Interrupt them and correct them publicly? _ Say nothing and let it go, knowing I’ve done the same?

2)Keeps making the same mistake over and over, do I
_ Become irritated & angry at them? _ Graciously forgive them and pray for them?

3)Is getting more attention than I think they deserve, do I
_ Feel resentful & feel the need to bring them down a notch? _ Celebrate with them?

4)Says or does something I don’t understand, do I
_ Assume they have the best motivation for doing it? _ Question their motivation or think the worst?

5)Am I more polite with
_ strangers OR _ my own family?

(the above quiz comes from Rick Warren)

Small Group Resources.

1)What are you celebrating this week?

2)Share about a women who has impacted your life?

3)Read 1 Cor. 13:1-8

4)What can we learn about showing mercy from this passage?

5)Serving Project-Who can we help/encourage this week?

Mothers day video

Watch service here



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